Sharing Plate Menu

Meat & Fish

1 kg of Buffallo chicken wings with blue cheese dip £14.95 
Grilled Chorizo with crusty bread
Chilli and garlic marinated prawn skewers (9 on a plate)
Salmon skewers drizzled with teriyaki sauce (9 on a plate)
Tempura battered calamari with garlic aioli (bowl)
 Devilled whitebait with tartare sauce  £7.95

350g of Hanger steak slices with chimmicurri sauce £18.95
350g of Sirloin steak slices with béarnaise sauce £24.95
350g of Ribeye steak slices with green peppercorn sauce £27.95


Blue cheese arancini risotto balls, pomegranate crème fraiche (9 on a plate) 
Vegetable spring rolls with Thai sweet chilli sauce (18 on a plate)
Warm chickpea and herb falafels with hummus & tahina (12 on a plate)
£16.95 (vf)
Blue cheese arancini risooto balls, pomegranate crème fraiche (9 on a plate)
Tofu, pepper & zuccinni kebabs (12 on a plate)
£16.95 (vg)

Salads and Sides

Rocket & Parmesan Salad with balsamic  
£10.95 (vf)
Warm smoked chicken & sautéed potatoes, tomatoes, house dressing
Goats cheese, butternut squash, spinach, lentils salad, house dressing
£12.95 (vf)
Marinated Greek olives
Hand cut chips (bowls)  
Parmesan & truffle oil French fries (bowls)
Sweet potato fries (bowls)
Baskets of bread with 1 dip per basket(Hummus, Aubergine babaganoush, Tzatziki or Taramasalata)