Evening Menu - Sample

Mon - Sat 5-10pm


Garlic bread £4.95
Hummus and bread £4.95
Marinated Greek Olives £4.50


Soup of the day  £6.25 v
Salt and pepper calamari, Asian salad and soy dressing £7.95
Grilled chorizo with crusty bread £6.50
Chickpea and herb falafels, hummus and aubergine babagunush  £6.50 v
Smoked bacon, potato rosti with a poached egg, tarragon & bernaise £7.95
Homemade Scotch egg with curried mayo £5.95
Salmon and haddock fishcakes, tartar sauce £7.50



Our beef is premium quality, 21 day matured, English beef from Surry Farms.
They come with a roast tomato and choice of side.

Hanger Steak £16.95
  ("the Butchers Cut" Best cooked medium with a rich flavour)  Sirloin 8 oz £20.95
(A leaner cut than the ribeye but still with good flavour)
(One of the most flavourful cuts due to the marbling of fat)
10 oz £25.95
12 oz £29.95
14 oz £32.95
Fillet 8 oz £25.95
(Simply the most tender cut of beef)
Sides - Hand cut chips, French fries, Mashed potato or a Garden salad
Sauces all £2.25 - Bernaise, Green peppercorn, Cremay mushroom, Blue cheese butter or Red wine Jus

A’la carte Specials

Pan seared Salmon Fillet
Parmentier potatoes, samphine, confit cherry tomato and broad bean stew
Honey roasted duck breast
Dauphinoise potatoes, hispi cabbage, chilli #7 red onion marmalade, jus


Roasted chicken saltimboca, sweet potato fries, tarragon & mushroom stroganoff  £13.95
Seared gnocchi with spinach, mushrooms, crumbled feta, pine nuts & butter sauce  £14.95(v) 
“Fish & chips” Beer battered haddock fillet, hand cut chips, minted mushy peas, tartare £15.50
Warm chefs salad with smoked chicken & Jersey royals with French dressing and balsamic  £12.95
Grilled halloumi and roasted pepper salad with puy lentils & spinach and the house dressing   £11.95
Chargrilled chicken fillet burger with spicy guacamole and hand cut chips £13.50
Union beef burger, hand cut chips, tomato & salad
(Add bacon, cheese or fried egg for £1.50)
Grilled halloumi and roasted pepper ciabatta sandwich hand cut chips, petit salad £12.95(v)


Onion Rings /Sweet potato fries / Garden side salad / Hand cut chips / French fries  / Tomato & red onion salad  £3.95


 All of our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts, gluten and other allergens are present. Our menu descriptions do not include all ingredients. If you have an allergy let us know before ordering, full allergen info is available.
An optional 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill, which is shared amongst staff after tax